5:00 pm Rosebud Social Club Rosebud Senior Center 336 E Main St Rosebud Open
5:30 pm Fight Club Women's Group Women Fight Club Women's Group 1500 Columbus Ave Waco Open, Women
5:30 pm Triangle Group Triangle 221 North 25th Street Waco Open
6:00 pm Jaywalkers Group Jaywalkers Group 409 TX-95 Little River Academy Open
6:00 pm Lighthouse AA Group Lighthouse AA Group Lcr 740 Thornton
6:30 pm Bistone Group Bistone Group 401 4th St Teague Open, Smoking Permitted
7:00 pm Freedom Group Freedom Group 332 Durr St Marlin
7:00 pm Hubbard Group Harelson Family Center 207 NW 2nd St Hubbard Open
7:00 pm Texas Group St Albans Episcopal Church 305 North 30th Street Waco Big Book
7:30 pm Experience Strength and Hope Richfield Christian Church 4201 Cobbs Drive Waco Big Book, Open
8:00 pm Heart Of Texas Central Christian Church 4901 Lake Shore Drive Waco Open
8:00 pm Triangle Group Triangle 221 North 25th Street Waco Open, Tradition Study
8:00 pm Unity Group Unity Group 2412 N Beaton St Corsicana Newcomer