How to use the Zoom app to join online Zoom meetings

The coronavirus threat has forced most groups to temporarily close. Many people in recovery are turning to online hosted meetings. Many of these online meetings are using the Zoom application to function.

This technology works with one person or group “hosting” a meeting online and everyone else “joins” the meeting. This page provides some instructions on how to join online Zoom meetings.

Below are documents to help you download, install and use a Zoom app to join a meeting. It mentions entering a Meeting ID. A Meeting ID is provided by the person hosting the meeting. See our coronavirus post (access from the main page) for some local Zoom Meeting IDs. You can also search the internet for other recovery Zoom meetings. You basically run a Zoom app and enter the Meeting ID of the meeting you would like to attend.

Please select instructions for the device you would like to use to join a Zoom meeting:

For iPhone or iPads (IOS): Join-Zoom-Meeting-with-iPhone

For Android devices: Join-Zoom-Meeting-with-Android-Phone

For Windows or Mac computers: Join-Zoom-Meeting-with-Windows-or-Mac

Waco Area Online meetings can be found on this site’s menu AA Meetings -> Online Meetings or by clicking here, select a meeting from the list and on the meeting page an online meeting link is provided as well as the Meeting ID.